HCUP Database and Product Releases


Updated 5/25/21

State databases are released on a monthly basis (Database year: State). Information on obtaining them is available at the HCUP Central Distributor.
National Databases State Databases
National Inpatient Sample (NIS)
  • November 2020: 2018 NIS
Kids' Inpatient Database (KID)
  • September 2018: 2016 KID
Nationwide Readmissions Database (NRD)
  • December 2020: 2018 NRD
Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (NEDS)
  • November 2020: 2018 NEDS
Nationwide Ambulatory Surgery Sample (NASS)
  • December 2020: 2018 NASS
State Inpatient Databases (SID)
  • NEW May 2021:
    • 2019: KS, NM
  • Prior releases:
    • 2019: GA, KY, MD, NE, NV, OR, WI
    • 2018: AR, ME

State Ambulatory Surgery and Services Database (SASD)
  • NEW May 2021:
    • 2019: KS
  • Prior releases:
    • 2019: KY, MD, NE, NV, OR, WI
    • 2018: ME

State Emergency Department Database (SEDD)
  • NEW May 2021:
    • 2019: GA, KS
  • Prior releases:
    • 2019: KY, MD, NE, NV, OR, WI
    • 2018: AR, MA, ME
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Tools and Software Releases
Updated 6/9/21
June 2021 Tools using HCPCS Level I (CPT®) Codes and Level II Codes
April 2021 AHRQ has released new information in HCUP Fast Stats, The National Hospital Utilization and Costs topic has been updated to include national statistics through 2018. This topic presents national statistics on inpatient stays—trends, most common diagnoses, and most common operations—and trends in emergency department visits.
March 2021 AHRQ has updated the HCUP Summary Trend Tables, downloadable tabulations containing State-specific monthly trends in hospital utilization, with additional data.

Clinical Classifications Software Refined (CCSR) for ICD-10-CM diagnoses (v2021.2; valid through FY 2021)

Procedure Classes Refined for ICD-10-PCS (v2021.2, valid through FY 2021)
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Publication Releases
Updated 5/25/21
April 2021 HCUP Findings-At-A-Glance Adult, Nonmaternal Inpatient Stays Related to Clostridioides difficile: National Trends, 2011-2016 and 2019 (PDF file, 313 KB)
March 2021 HCUP Statistical Brief #272 COVID-19-Related Hospitalizations in Nine States, by Race/Ethnicity, 2020 (PDF file, 591 KB)
February 2021 HCUP Statistical Brief #271 Opioid-Related and Stimulant-Related Adult Inpatient Stays, 2012-2018 (PDF file, 531 KB)
January 2021 HCUP Statistical Brief #270 Cancer-Related Hospitalizations for Adults, 2017 (PDF file, 326 KB)
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