Most Frequent Diagnoses and Procedures for DRGs, by Insurance Status

Below is a summary of HCUP-3 Research Note 4 (AHCPR Pub. No. 97-0006), which is available from the AHCPR Publications Clearinghouse. Call toll free 800-358-9295.


This publication contains information on the most frequent diagnoses and procedures for the top 50 diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) in 1992. It helps to answer questions such as "What diagnoses appear for the top ranking DRGs?" and "What procedures are performed for these DRGs?" The five most common principal diagnoses and the five most commonly performed principal procedures are listed for each DRG. Resource use (mean and median charges and length of stay), along with estimates of standard errors, are given for each DRG-diagnosis and DRG-procedure combination. Results are provided for all patients combined and for three insurance-status groups: the privately insured, Medicaid, and self-pay patients.

Source of Data

The statistics given in this report are based on data on hospital inpatient stays from the 1992 Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS), a component of AHCPR's Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP-3). The NIS is designed to approximate a 20-percent sample of U.S. community hospitals and contains records for all stays in the sampled hospitals. The 1992 NIS includes hospitals in 11 States.


Examples of findings from this publication include:

How Can This Information Be Used?

A variety of studies can use the information in this publication. Medical professionals can compare their own practices to a nationwide sample. Third-party payers and managed care organizations can use this information as a starting point for examining the impact of payment policies and insurance status on practice patterns. Numerous topics warranting additional study by health services researchers can be identified, including the following:

More Diagnosis-Procedure Information

Diagnosis and Procedure Combinations in Hospital Inpatient Data contains information on the most frequent combinations of diagnoses and procedures for inpatients in U.S. community hospitals. The analysis is based on data from the 1992 NIS.

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