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HCUP Central Distributor
The HCUP Central Distributor offers HCUP databases for purchase. This service is maintained by AHRQ through a Federal-State-Industry partnership.
HCUP Central Distributor

HCUP databases are available for purchase through the HCUP Central Distributor. Find instructions on how to obtain HCUP data and supplemental files, contact information, and relevant documentation.

Contact Information

The HCUP Central Distributor can be contacted through the following channels:

HCUP Databases and Application Kits

Full instructions for purchasing the HCUP databases are provided in the application kits. The application kits provide information on the availability and price of the database by year, as well as the Data Use Agreement (DUA). Please note: Not all States make their data available through the HCUP Central Distributor.

Supplemental Files

HCUP supplemental files are hospital-level or discharge-level files that augment the information contained in the HCUP databases. These files are available to HCUP data users free of charge through the HCUP Central Distributor. Full instructions for obtaining the HCUP supplemental files are provided in the request forms below.

Checklist for Ordering HCUP Databases
To obtain HCUP databases, all prospective purchasers must:

  1. Complete the HCUP Data Use Agreement Training. Make note of your Certification Code. You will need it for your order.
  2. Complete the Application Kit for the database(s) you are requesting.
  3. Read and sign the appropriate Data Use Agreement (DUA) included in the Application Kit.
  4. For State Database requests, you will also be asked to provide a Statement of Intended Use.
  5. Review the Final Checklist on the last page of your Application Kit for additional requirements to ensure you have provided all information needed to process your request.
  6. Submit your completed Application Kit, signed DUA, and any other required documentation to the HCUP Central Distributor. You may submit your application by e-mail, mail or FAX:


    Mailing Address:
    HCUP Central Distributor
    Social & Scientific Systems, Inc.
    8757 Georgia Avenue, 12th Floor
    Silver Spring, MD 20910

  7. FAX: (866) 792-5313

    Payment must be received before the databases are shipped.

Internet Citation: HCUP Central Distributor. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). October 2014. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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