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Enhancing Hawaii Hospital Information Content: Linking Lab Data to Inpatient Discharge Data

Hawaii Health Information Corporation

Enhancing Hawaii Hospital Information Content (eHHIC)

Deliverable 4:

Linking Lab Data to Inpatient Discharge Data




a. Validation

i. Edits

b Linking Laboratory Data

i. Preliminary Linking

ii. Deterministic/Probalistic Linking

a. Linking Iterations

iii. Linking with Limited Identifiers

iv. Exceptions

a. Exclusions

b. Non-Linked Identifiers

c. Emergency Room Discharges

c. Overall Occurrence

i. Inpatient Discharges Linked to ≥ 1 Lab Record

ii. Inpatient Discharges Without Labs

iii. Laboratory Records Linked to Inpatient Discharges


APPENDIX A: Field/Edit Specifications

APPENDIX B: Data Elements used for Deterministic/Probalistic Linking

APPENDIX C: Excluded Records, by Reason of Exclusion

APPENDIX E: Inpatient Discharges with ≥ 1 Lab Record, by Hospital and Calendar Year

APPENDIX F: Discharge Records with No Lab Record, By Hospital and Calendar Year


I. Objective

To link thirty-two specific laboratory test results from CY 2008-2011 with Hawaii Health Information Corporation's (HHIC) hospital discharge data. This was achieved by:

  1. Establishing specific edits on key matching variables
  2. Performing data linkage iterations utilizing deterministic/probabilistic methods
  3. Processing of Exception Records such as excluded and non-linked records

II. Method

  1. Validation

    1. Edits

      After a comprehensive quality review of the data, 30,668,969 submitted lab records for CY 2008-2011 were loaded into a staging environment for further validation and ultimately for linking to a hospitalization-related discharge record.

      Validation included performing edits on key variables (such as Admission Date, Account Number and Sending Facility) within the lab results. These field edits ensured the integrity of the dataset to be used in the linking process. A complete list of key variables and the edit specifications that were applied are shown in Appendix A.

      Laboratory data for one facility, Molokai General Hospital, could not be processed for linking purposes as key variables used in the linking process were not supplied in the data extract. Key linking variables included account number, admission date and medical record number. Of the 30,668,969 submitted lab records, 1,212,691 (4%) laboratory records were excluded due to missing key variables. A total record count of 29,456,278 lab records were used in the preliminary linking process.

  2. Linking Lab Data to HHIC Hospitalization Data

    1. Preliminary Linking

      A preliminary linking process was performed on 29,456,278 laboratory records based on the account number and facility code provided in the lab record against the inpatient discharge account number and facility code. This method however did not result in a sufficiently high match percentage. Match percentages varied 50% to 90% across all facilities. As a result, a new approved method was devised to perform a more complete linking process between the lab result and HHIC's Inpatient Discharge Data.

    2. Deterministic/Probabilistic Linking

      Additional linking methods were established to perform a more detailed deterministic/probabilistic approach based on nine variables that were identified within the submitted lab data that were in common with the corresponding Inpatient discharge record. Appendix B lists the variables used for this approach.

      As shown in Appendix C, multiple linking iterations were performed to link the laboratory data to the inpatient discharge data. The first seven iterations complemented each other and addressed different data issues such as variances noted in the account number between the discharge record and the laboratory record. The eighth and ninth iteration were used to address possible matches not linked in iterations 1 through 7. A brief description of the iterations performed follows.

      1. Linking Iterations (Refer to Appendix C)

        Iteration 1
        The first iteration linked Lab Data and HHIC Inpatient discharge records based on the following fields being exact matches: Account Number, Medical Record Number, Date of Birth, Gender, HHIC Admission Date to Lab Observation Date, First Name (up to first space if multiple names are present), Last Name, and Hospital ID/Sending Facility. This iteration yielded the greatest volume of linked laboratory records with a total of 17,627,513 records linked to a hospitalization discharge record.

        Iteration 2

        The second iteration removed the patient's first name as a matching variable. This iteration addressed the issue of nicknames and middle names used as first names and resulted in 188,687 laboratory records linked to an inpatient discharge record.

        Iteration 3
        The third iteration removed the patient's last name as a matching variable in addition to the patient's first name. This iteration addressed the issue where patients changed their last names. In combination with iteration two, this iteration addressed transposed first and last name issues. This resulted in 178,426 laboratory records linked to an inpatient discharge record.

        Iteration 4
        The fourth iteration resulted in a total of 379,316 lab records linked to an inpatient discharge record. This iteration removed Account Number but reinstated First Name and Last Name as matching variables. This iteration addressed an issue with the Account Numbers submitted by The Queen's Medical Center (QMC): The account number submitted by QMC was not the same account number as noted in HHIC's Inpatient Discharge dataset. QMC transmits a Contact Serial Number (CSN) to the laboratories that is specific to the visit. This identifier is then referenced as the account number between the hospital and the laboratory. The identifier transmitted to HHIC in the hospital discharge record is the hospital account record (HAR) or billing number and is referenced as the account number between HHIC and the hospital.

        Iteration 5
        The fifth iteration removed Medical Record Number and reinstated Account Number as a matching variable. This iteration addressed Medical Record inconsistencies due to formatting variances such as medical record numbers that contained leading 0's or '-', such as in the case of data submitted by Castle Medical Center.

        This iteration also addressed an issue with incorrect Medical Record Numbers (MRN) submitted in Hawaii Pacific Health (HPH) Blood Gas Lab results. Hawaii Pacific Health is a hospital system that consists of four facilities. HPH maintains a system-wide (enterprise) medical record number in addition to a facility specific MRN. The Medical Record Number submitted by HPH (enterprise MRN) was not the same MRN in HHIC's Inpatient Discharge dataset (facility specific MRN). As a result, lab results did not match based on this variable. A large number of HPH Blood Gas Lab results were therefore matched under this iteration.

        Approximately 173,495 lab records were linked during this iteration.

        Iteration 6
        The sixth iteration removed Admit Date but reinstated Medical Record Number a matching variable. The Medical Record Number and Account Number fields alleviated the uncertainty left behind from the removal of the Admit Date as a linking variable. The Medical Record Number and Account Number combination were a distinct combination that uniquely identified a particular inpatient discharge. This iteration accounted for the linking of 1,316,777 lab records to an inpatient discharge record.

        Iteration 7
        The seventh iteration removed Birth Date and reinstated Admit Date as a matching variable. This iteration addressed default birth dates when one wasn't provided. A total of 123,751 lab records were linked during this iteration.

        Iteration 8
        The eighth iteration utilized LinkageWiz1 to perform probabilistic linking on all variables as noted in Appendix B. Based on these variables, a combined weight score of 40 or above was considered to be a match. All variables were evaluated to link any remaining lab results not successfully matched in the first seven iterations. Many records contained errors on two of the fields, resulting in the records not being linked in the first seven iterations.

        For example, it was discovered that the gender variable was a main contributor to mismatches as several records contained an 'unknown' gender. The date of birth listed for one facility (The Queen's Medical Center) also contained a large number of '01/01/1901'; a default value and could not be used for linking purposes.

        A total of 103,877 additional records were linked probabilistically for this iteration.

    3. Linking with Limited Number of Identifiers (Iteration 9)

      Blood gas results from one hospital system, Hawaii Medical Center2, needed to be handled differently. Shortly after receiving the data, the hospital system filed bankruptcy and closed. This presented a challenge in that a resource was unavailable to provide answers to questions present within the dataset.

      The dataset, consisting of a total of 221,434 lab records from CY2008 through December 04, 2011, did not have an adequate number of identifying data variables. Therefore, a business rule was established that five fields (Sending Facility Code, Medical Record Number, Date of Birth, Gender and Patient Last Name) needed to match exactly in order to link the an HHIC Inpatient Discharge record to a lab record. Of the 221,434 lab records, this resulted in the linking of 131,094 lab records to a hospitalization discharge record and is described in Appendix C as Iteration 9.

    4. Exceptions

      To accommodate the providers and to stay within the timeframe of the project, it was important that HHIC remain flexible. Some facilities did not have the resources to modify their programs to transmit only the requested 32 specific lab tests. In order to maintain participation in the study, HHIC allowed those hospitals to send all labs for all patient classes. A total of 9,233,342 laboratory records were not linked to an inpatient discharge record as these records did not meet the data quality criteria and were rejected.

      1. Exclusions

        Overall 5,303,874 records were excluded for one or more of the following reasons:

        • Lab Test is not one of the 32 requested labs
        • Observation Value is Missing
        • Observation Date is Missing
        • Observation Result Status is not Final ('F') or Corrected ('C')
        • Microbiology Records

        1. Filtering transmitted data to the requested 32 lab tests
          Two facilities did not have the resources to modify their programs to restrict transmission to the requested 32 lab tests. Records that contained tests not among the 32 requested labs of interest were excluded. As shown in Appendix D, this particular filtering process comprised the majority of the exclusions.

        2. Missing Values
          Records were excluded if missing values did not exist for key variables in the lab test.

          • Laboratory test (observation value): The lab value is required to assign the adjusted risk of mortality (ROM) scores. If the observation value was missing, the lab test was excluded.

          • Admission date: Accurate linking of the lab record to the hospitalization-related discharge record is dependent on linking the lab observation date to the discharge record's admission date. Records missing this key linking variable would therefore prohibit the linking of lab data and assignment of the adjusted risk of mortality and were thus excluded.

        3. Observation Result Status

          The lab result status of 'F' (final) or 'C' (corrected) guaranteed that the completed test result was received. Other result statuses ('P' — pending and 'I' — incomplete) were therefore excluded, as only the final or corrected test result was relevant to the study.

        4. Microbiology Records

          After reviewing the test results and values, we excluded the Microbiology tests (blood culture, LOINC 600-7; urine culture, LOINC 630-4; and sputum culture, LOINC 6460-0) from the study as their non-numeric observation values rendered the test results unquantifiable.

          An overall summary of the excluded records is found in Appendix D.

      2. Non-Linked Records

        An additional 2,467,067 laboratory records were not linked as the observation date on the laboratory record was not within the dates associated to the inpatient discharge record.

      3. Emergency Room Discharges

        All hospitalization-related laboratory results within the time frame of the study were requested. Two facilities did not have the resources to modify their programs to restrict transmission to the requested 32 lab tests for specific patient classes and submitted lab data for all patient classes. This resulted in a total of 1,462,401 laboratory records that linked to an Emergency Room discharge record and no corresponding hospitalization discharge record. These records were excluded from the matching process.

  3. Overall Occurrence
    A total of 389,348 out of 450,756 hospital discharge records from CY 2008-2011 were linked to one or more lab records (86.4%); resulting in 61,408 hospital discharge records with no lab record. A total of 20,222,936 laboratory records out of 30,668,969 submitted lab records were linked to 389,348 inpatient discharge records (65.9%).

    1. Inpatient Discharges Linked to ≥ 1 Lab Records

      Table C.1 describes the Inpatient discharges linked to one or more lab records per year.

      Table C.1 Inpatient Discharges Linked to ≥ 1 Lab Record by Year

      Year of Discharge Discharges linked to ≥ 1 lab record Total Discharges3 Pct
      2008 95,796 112,542 85.1%
      2009 98,713 113,160 87.2%
      2010 97,330 111,616 87.2%
      2011 97,509 113,438 85.9%
      TOTAL 389,348 450,756 86.4%

      A detail listing of Inpatient Discharge records linked to ≥ 1 lab records, by hospital and by calendar year(CY2008-2011) can be found in Appendix E.

    2. Inpatient Discharges Without Labs

      Table C.2 describes the top five reasons for hospitalization where the discharge record could not be linked to a lab record for CY 2008-2011. Of the top five hospitalizations, almost 1 in 2 lab records were not received for Newborns and Mental Health Diseases and Disorders. Inquiries to the labs and hospitals are currently being performed as to the explanation of missing lab records for the hospitalizations listed below.

      A detail listing of Inpatient Discharge records without labs by hospital and by calendar year (CY2008-2011) can be found in Appendix F.

      Table C.2 — Discharges without Lab Records: Top Five Reasons for Hospitalization

      Reason for Hospitalization Discharges without Lab Records Total Discharges Overall Pct Overall Pct by Hospitalization
      Newborns 31,656 66,051 7.0% 47.9%
      Mental Diseases and Disorders 6,808 15,317 1.5% 44.4%
      Diseases and Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue 3,982 32,224 0.9% 12.4%
      Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Puerperium 2,303 69,764 0.5% 3.3%
      Diseases and Disorders of the Respiratory System 2,159 37,700 0.4% 5.7%
      Miscellaneous Reasons 14,500 229,700 3.2% 6.3%

    3. Laboratory Records Linked to Inpatient Discharges

      Table C.3 describes the transmitted laboratory records that were excluded from the study and the lab records that were linked to an inpatient discharge record:

      Table C.3 Transmitted Lab Records Excluded from Study

      Labs Lab Results
      Initially Transmitted (CY2008-2011) 30,668,969
      Exclusions: Missing Identifiers (Molokai) 1,212,691
      Exclusions: Records linked to discharge record outside the study period 2,467,067
      Exclusions: Records Linked to ER Discharge 1,462,401
      Exclusions: Not one of 32 labs Missing values for key lab variables Microbiology 5,303,874
      Final Lab Record Count Linked to Inpatient Discharge Record 20,222,936

III. Conclusion

Conformity was absent throughout the datasets from the participating facilities. Different datasets required different algorithms to link the laboratory data to a HHIC hospitalization discharge record. As a result, it required additional time and effort to customize the linking process for the facilities. Overall, key numeric clinical lab data were successfully linked to hospital administrative data.


APPENDIX A — Field/Edit Specifications

Field Edit Specification
Send Facility Sending Facility is Required
Account Number Account Number is Required
Medicare Record Number MRN is Required
Birth Date Birth Date is Required
Birth Date cannot be greater than observation date
Birth Date cannot be 120 years prior to observation date
Gender Gender must be one of the following values (F, M, O or U)
Patient First Name Patient First Name is Required
Patient Last Name Patient Last Name is Required
Admission Date Admission Date is Required
If linked, admission date in file must be within 2 days of the admission date in discharge record
Discharge Date If provided, must be greater than admission date
Patient Class Patient Class must be one of the following values: I, E, O
Test Result Test Result is Required
Observation Value Observation values must be numeric
Observation Date If linked, Observation Date must not be more than 3 days prior to admission date and must not be greater than discharge date
If not linked, Observation Date must not be more than 3 days prior to admission date.
Unit Unit is required
Must be acceptable unit for lab test/hospital
Reference Range Reference Range is Required



Data Variable
Sending Facility
Account Number
Medical Record Number
Date of Birth
Date of Admission/Lab Observation Date
Patient First Name (up to first space if multiple names were present)
Patient Last Name



Iteration Matched Records %4 Account Number Medical Record Number Date of Birth Gender Admit Date First Name Last Name Sending Facility
1 17,627,513 57.4 X X X X X X X X
2 188,687 0.6 X X X X X   X X
3 178,426 0.6 X X X X X     X
4 379,316 1.2   X X X X X X X
5 173,495 0.6 X   X X X X X X
6 1,316,777 4.3 X X X X   X X  
7 123,751 0.4 X X   X X X X X
85 103,877 0.3 X X X X X X X X
96 131,094 0.4   X X X   X X X
TOTAL 20,222,936 65.8                



Exclusion Description Count
Test result is not one of the 32 labs of interest 4,023,862
Missing observation value 149,117
Missing observation date 36,293
Test result status is not "Final" or "Corrected" 11,333
Test Result is a Microbiology 1,083,269
Total Exclusions, by Reason 5,303,874



FACILITY ID HOSPITAL NAME 2008 2009 2010 2011
120001 QUEEN'S 20,931 23,566 88.82 21,775 24,142 90.02 22,144 24,317 91.09 23,709 26,102 90.77
120002 MAUI 10,061 12,066 83.38 10,445 11,936 87.65 10,047 11,413 88.22 10,068 11,330 89.37
120005 HILO 7,578 8,683 87.27 7,524 8,401 89.66 6,946 8,002 86.89 6,702 8,322 86.64
120006 CASTLE 5,614 7,336 76.53 6,142 7,813 78.73 6,105 7,973 76.56 5,896 7,994 74.01
120010 HMC-EAST 3,242 3,407 95.16 2,613 2,711 96.39 2,407 2,486 96.82 1,895 2,005 80.51
120011 KAISER 10,381 11,634 89.23 11,295 12,575 89.86 10,708 12,318 86.96 10,975 12,577 87.30
120014 WILCOX 4,453 4,605 96.70 4,350 4,468 97.45 4,040 4,139 97.68 3,808 4,104 74.22
120019 KONA 3,043 3,750 81.15 2,717 3,313 82.16 2,684 3,217 83.62 2,824 3,269 86.51
120022 STRAUB 5,527 6,293 87.83 6,128 6,558 93.49 6,231 6,527 95.56 6,427 6,751 73.60
120026 PALI MOMI 5,220 5,608 93.08 5,845 6,041 96.76 6,165 6,342 97.19 6,151 6,346 73.86
120027 HMC-WEST 3,317 3,412 97.22 3,453 3,513 98.29 3,290 3,341 98.53 3,234 3,300 76.60
120028 NORTH HAWAII 2,008 2,872 69.92 1,697 2,388 71.19 1,866 2,454 76.20 2,047 2,640 77.57
121300 KAUAI VETS 927 1,262 73.45 920 1,210 76.20 936 1,146 81.85 918 1,143 80.58
121301 KAU 9 9 100.00 18 23 78.26 11 12 91.67 3 4 75.00
121302 KOHALA 8 9 88.89 3 4 75.00 0 0 0.00 0 1 0.00
121307 HALE HO'OLA HAMA 2 3 66.67 1 1 100.00 4 7 57.14 12 12 83.33
121308 KULA HOSPITAL 5 6 83.33 5 5 100.00 4 5 80.00 5 5 100.00
123300 KAPIOLANI 13,470 18,021 74.75 13,782 18,058 76.52 13,742 17,917 77.03 12,835 17,533 57.85
TOTAL 95,796 112,542 85.1 98,713 113,160 87.2 97,330 111,616 87.2 97,509 113,438 85.96



FACILITY ID HOSPITAL NAME 2008 2009 2010 2011
120001 QUEEN'S 2,635 23,566 11.18 2,367 24,142 9.80 2,173 24,317 8.94 2,393 26,102 9.17
120002 MAUI 2,005 12,066 16.62 1,491 11,936 12.49 1,367 11,413 11.98 1,262 11,330 11.14
120005 HILO 1,105 8,683 12.73 877 8,401 10.44 1,056 8,002 13.20 1,620 8,322 19.47
120006 CASTLE 1,722 7,336 23.47 1,671 7,813 21.39 1,868 7,973 23.43 2,098 7,994 26.24
120010 HMC-EAST 165 3,407 4.84 98 2,711 3.61 79 2,486 3.18 110 2,005 5.49
120011 KAISER 1,253 11,634 10.77 1,280 12,575 10.18 1,611 12,318 13.08 1,602 12,577 12.74
120014 WILCOX 152 4,605 3.30 118 4,468 2.64 99 4,139 2.39 296 4,104 7.21
120019 KONA 707 3,750 18.85 596 3,313 17.99 534 3,217 16.60 445 3,269 13.61
120022 STRAUB 766 6,293 12.17 430 6,558 6.56 296 6,527 4.54 324 6,751 4.80
120026 PALI MOMI 388 5,608 6.92 196 6,041 3.24 177 6,342 2.79 195 6,346 3.07
120027 HMC-WEST 95 3,412 2.78 60 3,513 1.71 51 3,341 1.53 66 3,300 2.00
120028 NORTH HAWAII 864 2,872 30.08 691 2,388 28.94 588 2,454 23.96 593 2,640 22.46
121300 KAUAI VETS 335 1,262 26.55 290 1,210 23.97 210 1,146 18.32 225 1,143 19.69
121301 KAU 0 9 0.00 5 23 21.74 1 12 8.33 1 4 25.00
121302 KOHALA 1 9 11.11 1 4 25.00 0 0 0.00 1 1 100.00
121307 HALE HO'OLA HAMA 1 3 33.33 0 1 0.0 3 7 42.86 0 12 0.00
121308 KULA HOSPITAL 1 6 16.67 0 5 0.00 1 5 20.00 0 5 0.00
123300 KAPIOLANI 4,551 18,021 25.25 4,276 18,058 23.68 4,172 17,917 23.29 4,698 17,533 26.80
TOTAL 16,746 112,542 14.9 14,447 113,160 12.8 14,286 111,616 12.8 15,929 113,438 14.04

III. Signatures

Prepared by:_______________________________________________________

Position Title:______________________________________________________________



Project Manager:______________________________________________________


Co-Principal Investigator:_______________________________________________


1 Linkagewiz is a data matching, de-duplication and data cleansing tool used to link records across multiple databases and to identify duplicate records.

2 Hawaii Medical Center is a hospital system consisting of two facilities — Hawaii Medical Center East and Hawaii Medical Center West

3 Total Discharges for participating hospitals (Refer to Deliverable 1: Appendix D)

4 % = Matches / "N" (N = 30,668,969; total number of submitted laboratory records)

5 Probabilistic match on all 8 variables utilizing LinkageWiz

6 Due to limited identifiers available for linking, deterministic linking was performed on five variables

Internet Citation: Enhancing Hawaii Hospital Information Content: Linking Lab Data to Inpatient Discharge Data. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). September 2014. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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