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Requesting Data through the online HCUP Central Distributor

The HCUP Central Distributor is the entity that accepts, processes, and fulfills applications for the purchase and use of HCUP databases.

HCUP tree Go to the online HCUP Central Distributor to submit applications for Nationwide and State Databases, request complimentary supplemental files that augment information contained in the HCUP databases, submit data re-use and data sharing requests, and download your purchased Nationwide data.

Keep in Mind
  • Information about all HCUP databases is found on the HCUP-US Databases page. Not all States make their data available through the HCUP Central Distributor, and not all data elements are available from every State. Details are provided under Availability of HCUP Databases Across States and Years.

  • The Database Catalog provides information on the year-by-year pricing and availability of HCUP databases and applicable supplemental files.

  • Participating data organizations set the price of their data. Some data organizations offer reduced pricing for AHRQ grantees, students, and/or non-profit organizations.

  • If you have State HCUP data from a previous project and wish to use the data for a purpose other than that originally approved, or as concrete projects emerge from approved exploratory work, you must submit a "Data Re-Use Request" through the online HCUP Central Distributor for review and approval by AHRQ before work may begin on the new project. You must be the current custodian of the HCUP data to submit a re-use request.

Getting Ready to Order:
  • Review the information on this page, and visit the HCUP-US Databases page for more information on the Nationwide and State Databases and explore the Tools & Software page to understand the supplemental files that may be provided with the databases.

  • Complete the HCUP Data Use Agreement (DUA) training course. This training is required of all purchasers and all individuals with access to HCUP data, and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  • Make note of your certification code and completion date for proof of training, which is required to complete your account profile and place an order through the online HCUP Central Distributor.

  • If you are unable to use the ordering website, please contact the HCUP Central Distributor at or 866-556-HCUP (4287) for assistance.

About the HCUP Products Available to Order

HCUP's Nationwide and State-Specific Databases are available for purchase through the online HCUP Central Distributor. Learn about these databases by visiting the Databases page or the links below.
  • Revisit Analyses Files
    HCUP also provides Supplemental Variables for Revisit Analyses. These variables are designed to facilitate analyses that need to track patients across time and hospital settings in the SID, SASD, and SEDD while adhering to strict privacy guidelines.

    The storage of these variables varies by data year. Starting with the 2009 data, the revisit variables are stored in the Core file of the SID, SASD, or SEDD. The State Databases that contain the revisit variables are indicated with an (R) in the Database Catalog.

    For data years 2003-2008, the revisit variables are provided as a separate file with the HCUP SID, SASD, and SEDD. If the HCUP State databases were purchased prior to the release of the Revisit Files, then these supplemental files can be obtained free of charge from the HCUP Central Distributor.
If you have questions concerning HCUP database purchases, your current order, the submission of required HCUP Data Use Agreements (DUAs), training certificate codes, or invoices, review the Purchasing FAQs or contact the HCUP Central Distributor:

If you have questions about using the HCUP databases, software tools, supplemental files, and other products, please review the HCUP Frequently Asked Questions or contact HCUP User Support:

Login Issues?

If you are an HCUP data purchaser, you can log in to your user account on the online HCUP Central Distributor page.

Requirements for Purchase of HCUP Databases
  • Data Use Agreement for the Nationwide Databases (PDF file, 54 KB; HTML)
  • Data Use Agreement for the State Databases (PDF file, 53 KB; HTML)
  • Responsibilities of the Data Purchaser (PDF file, 74 KB; HTML)
  • Guide for Preparing the Statement of Intended Use for State Databases (PDF file, 143 KB; HTML)

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