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Lab Data Requirements

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Clinically Enhanced Data

Lab Data Requirements


Field Name Opt Preferred format Table
1 MHA Hospital ID R 3 digits  
2 Medical Record Number R    
3 Patient Account Number R    
4 Patient DOB R YYYYMMDD  
5 Patient Sex R See reference table 1
6 SSN# (last 4) R 4 digits  
7 Admit Date/Time R YYYYMMDDHHMMSS  
8 Discharge Date/Time O YYYYMMDDHHMMSS  
9 Order Number R    
10 Lab Test Name R    
11 Lab Test Code R LOINC code  
12 Ordering Provider O NPI  
13 Order Date/Time O YYYYMMDDHHMMSS  
14 Observation Date/Time R YYYYMMDDHHMMSS  
15 Analysis Date/Time O YYYYMMDDHHMMSS  
16 Observation Value (Result) R    
17 Observation Units R    
18 Observation Result Status C See reference table 8
19 Reference Range C    
20 Abnormal Flag O "Y" or "N"(default)  
21 Order Type C See reference table 2
22 Specimen Type C See reference table 7
23 Specimen Condition C See reference table 9
24 Observation Request Notes O    
25 Observation Result Notes O    

Lab Data Requirement Notes:

Data Field Notes:

  1. MHA Hospital ID
    3-digit number assigned to your hospital by MHA. Same as in UB data.
  2. Medical Record Number
  3. Patient Account Number
    Hospital internal number. Same as in UB data. Specific for a visit, but not necessarily for a patient if he/she has multiple visits.
  4. Patient Date of Birth
  5. Patient Sex

    Reference Table 1:
A Ambiguous
F Female
M Male
N Not applicable
O Other
U Unknown
  1. Patient Social Security Number
    Only include last 4 digits.
  2. Admit Date/Time
  3. Discharge Date/Time
  4. Order Number
    Unique number for this particular lab order at this hospital.
  5. Lab Test Name
    Name of this lab test that corresponds to #11.
  6. Lab Test Code
    If LOINC codes not used, we will map your internal code numbers.
  7. Ordering Provider
    Prefer NPI. If internal code is specified, we will map to NPI.
  8. Order Date/Time
    Time this lab test was ordered.
  9. Observation Date/Time
    Time of specimen collection. Required for the database. If not given, Analysis Date/Time will be stored.
  10. Analysis Date/Time
    Time test run.
  11. Observation Value (Result)
  12. Observation Units
  13. Observation Result Status This field is required if more than just Final or Corrected results are sent. We are interested in Final and Corrected results only. A Corrected result will override a Final result if both are given with the same Order number.

Reference Table 8:

F Final result
C Corrected result
P Preliminary result
D Deleted OBX message
  1. Reference Range
    Normal range for observation value (#14). E.g., "3.5-4.5" or "<2.0"
  2. Abnormal Flag
    "Y" for Abnormal result, "N" for Normal.
  3. Order Type
    Reference Table 2:
I Inpatient Order
O Outpatient Order

Required if sending more than inpatient labs.

  1. Specimen Type
    Required if LOINC code is not specified in #10.
    Reference Table 7:
B Blood
BA Blood, arterial
BMV Blood, mixed venous
BV Blood, venous
BW Blood, whole
BC Blood, capillary
P Plasma
PPP Plasma, platelet poor
PPR Plasma, platelet rich
S Serum
SP Serum/plasma
U Urine
O Other
  1. Specimen Condition
    Required if test results on unacceptable specimens are included. Default “null” indicated specimen is acceptable.

Reference Table 9:

CON Contaminated
HEM Hemolysis
  1. Observation Request Notes
    Free text up to 200 characters.
  2. Observation Result Notes
    Free text up to 200 characters.

Internet Citation: Lab Data Requirements Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). September 2014. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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