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Lab Data Acquisition and Transmission

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"Using Clinically-Enhanced Claims Data to Guide Treatment of Acute Heart Failure"

An AHRQ Grant to MHA

Data Acquisition & Transmission

Laboratory Data

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Databases for Outcomes Assessment

Graphic - Diagram showing how various types of data are rated in terms of data collection from automated to manual. The most automated are standard claims data. Those are followed by present on admission, numerical laboratory, vital signs, and, finally, other clinical data as the most manually collected. Standard claims data, present on admission, and numerical laboratory are labeled as clinically enhanced claims data.

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Efficient Use of Clinical Data

Analytic Power   Cost to Collect
Low High
High POA Codes, Albumin Glasgow Coma Score
Low Hemoglobin FEV1

Square Graphic. Reading from left to right. Analytic When Power is high, Cost to Collect is low and Cost to Collect is High for Glasgow Coma Score. When Analytic Power is low for Hemoglobin, Cost to Collect is also low. Cost to Collect is also high for FEV1.

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Risk-adjustment using numerical lab data

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Chemistry Data

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Blood Gas & Hematology Data

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Examples of LOINC Coding

Test Name Specimen Type Units LOINC Code
Albumin Serum/Plasma g/dL 1751-7
pCO2 Arterial Arterial Blood mmHg 2019-8
Calcium Serum/Plasma mg/dL 17861-6
Calcium Serum/Plasma mEq/L, mmol/L 2000-8
Calcium Whole Blood mg/dL 49765-1
Calcium Whole Blood mEq/L, mmol/L 1996-8

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Transmission Format: Data Elements

  1. Provider Number
  2. Admission Date
  3. Discharge Date
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Patient Sex
  6. Medical Record Number
  7. Patient Account Number
  8. Social Security Number
  9. LOINC Code
  10. Observation Units
  11. Observation Range
  12. Observation Value
  13. Observation Date/Time
  14. Analysis Date/Time

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Transmission Format: Field Description

Field Example
Item Sequence # 2
Data Element Admission Date
Field Format PIC9(8)
Field Length 8
Position From 13
Position Through 20
Value Format Date in MMDDYYYY format

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Rules for Lab Data Transmission

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Preparation for Submission of Lab Data

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Transmission & Analysis of Lab Data

Internet Citation: Lab Data Acquisition and Transmission Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). August 2014. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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