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Link Plus Tip Sheet and Resources

Improving Data & Enhancing Access (IDEA-NW) Project
Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center

Link Plus is a free probabilistic record linkage and de-duplication program developed at CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control. Originally designed for use by CDC's National Program of Cancer Registries, the program can be used with any type of data in fixed width or delimited format. It can be downloaded here:

Linkage Resources

Linkage toolkit including a Link Plus manual developed by IDEA-NW project staff: Disclaimer

Tribal data linkage toolkit (most of the same materials as on NPAIHB site): Disclaimer

HRSA linkage training materials no longer available.

SAS macro programs developed to assist in the cleaning and linking of data using Link Plus (developed by Washington Education Research and Data Center):

Link Plus tips

With thanks to John Sabel (State of Washington) and Melissa Jim (IHS)

Setting up - Link Plus has its own set of default paths to folders (e.g., Configuration, Export, Report) that are based off the C drive (e.g., C:\RegPlus\LinkPlus\Export). It really likes these paths. You will quickly find that you are forever copying directory paths to the actual location of these folders from Windows Explorer to Link Plus. To more easily navigate to your project's folders and make Link Plus projects portable:

Data cleaning

Setting up & running the linkage

Clerical Review

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Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

February 2012

Internet Citation: Link Plus Tip Sheet and Resources. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). July 2016. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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