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SID File Composition - New Jersey

SID Notes

Source Files

The HCUP New Jersey inpatient files were received from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

Beginning in 2008, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services provided one source file to HCUP that contains a mixture of inpatient, ambulatory surgery (AS), emergency department (ED), and other outpatient records. The file distinguished record types by the Patient Type Flag variable below. During HCUP data processing, IP records were identified by the Patient Type Flag = 0.

Patient Type Flag:
0 - Inpatient: Bill Type = 011X or 012X
1 - Same Day Surgery (SDS): Bill Type = 013X, and LOS = 0, and Discharge Status Code = 01 or 06, and Revenue Code = 036X
2 - ER Outpatient: Bill Type = 013X and Revenue Code = 45X
3 - Other Outpatient: Bill Type = 013X and not SDS or ER

From 2005 through 2008, New Jersey provided inpatient and AS data in a combined file. To split the inpatient and AS data, Bill Type was used as follows:

  • Records with the first two digits of bill type, "13" (BillType = 13x), were flagged as AS.
  • Records with the first two digits of bill type, "11" or "12" (BillType= 11x or 12x), were flagged as inpatient.
Prior to 2005, New Jersey provided inpatient and AS data in a combined file. Inpatient records were those that did not fit the following definition of an ambulatory surgery record:
  • Same-day stay (LOS = 0),
  • Non-zero charges to operating room or same-day surgery, and
  • Discharged to home (DISP = 1).
Types of Facilities Included in the Files Provided to HCUP by the Partner

New Jersey supplied discharge abstract data for inpatient stays from general acute care hospitals.

A comparison of the number of hospitals included in the SID and the number of hospitals reported in the AHA Annual Survey is available starting in data year 2010.

Hospitals do not always report data for a full calendar year. Some hospitals open or close during the year; other hospitals have technical problems that prevent them from reporting data for all months in a year.

Inclusion of Stays in Special Units

The documentation provided by New Jersey does not indicate whether stays in special units within the hospital (e.g., psychiatric, rehabilitation, long-term care) are included.

Exclusion of Records During HCUP Data Processing

Beginning in 1999, records with a discharge disposition of "still a patient" were excluded from the HCUP inpatient files. Prior to 1999, this type of record was not included in the source data files.

Internet Citation: HCUP Central Distributor SID New Jersey File Composition. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). August 2006. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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