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NIS Description of Data Elements
The NIS is set of longitudinal hospital inpatient databases included in the HCUP family. These databases are created by AHRQ through a Federal-State-Industry partnership.
H_CONTRL - Control/ownership of hospital
Documentation Sections:
General Notes
Uniform Values
State Specific Notes
General Notes

The hospital's ownership/control category was obtained from the AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals and includes categories for government nonfederal (public), private not-for-profit (voluntary) and private investor-owned (proprietary). Hospitals in different ownership/control categories tend to have different missions and different responses to government regulations and policies.

In the Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS), the HCUP data element for the hospital's ownership/control category has changed over time:

  • 1988-1992 NIS - the hospital's ownership/control category is stored in the ST_OWNER data element.
  • 1993-1997 NIS - this same information is stored in the H_CONTRL data element.
  • 1998-2007 NIS - a revised classification for hospital ownership that utilizes collapsed categories such as "private" is included under the name HOSP_CONTROL. H_CONTRL is not available.
  • 2008-2011 NIS - both H_CONTRL and HOSP_CONTROL are included in the NIS. HOSP_CONTROL is used for stratification, while H_CONTRL can be used to classify hospitals for analysis.
  • Beginning with the 2012 NIS - HOSP_CONTROL is no longer available. H_CONTRL is used for stratification and can be used to classify hospitals for analysis.

H_CONTRL is missing if the data source that contributed discharge data to the HCUP database prohibits the release of hospital identifiers.

Uniform Values
VariableDescriptionValueValue Description
H_CONTRLControl/ownership of hospital1Government, nonfederal
2Private, not-profit
3Private, invest-own
State Specific Notes

Internet Citation: HCUP NIS Description of Data Elements. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). September 2008. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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