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NEDS Description of Data Elements

NCPT - Number of CPT/HCPCS procedures for this discharge
Documentation Sections:
General Notes
Uniform Values
State Specific Notes
General Notes

NCPT indicates the total number of CPT or HCPCS procedures (valid and invalid) coded on the discharge record. In assigning NCPT, the first listed CPT procedure is included in the count, even if it is blank, so long as there is an additional CPT procedure present (see table below).

Value Description
0 No CPT or HCPCS procedures are coded on the record.
1 Only the first listed procedure (CPT1) is coded. All secondary procedures are blank.
2 One secondary procedure (CPT2) is coded. The first listed procedure (CPT1) may be coded or blank.
3 The second and third procedures (CPT2 and CPT3) are coded. The first listed procedure (CPT1) may be coded or blank.
Uniform Values
VariableDescriptionValueValue Description
NCPTNumber of CPT/HCPCS procedures for this discharge0 - 25Number of procedures
State Specific Notes

Utah (SEDD)

This data element was provided by Utah for ambulatory surgery (AS) records and not supplied for the emergency department (ED) records.  However, when AS records with evidence of ED services were placed in the SEDD during HCUP processing, this data element was also added to the SEDD.  Therefore, very few records in the SEDD will contain values for this data element.


Internet Citation: HCUP NEDS Description of Data Elements. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). May 2015. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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