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Central Distributor SASD: Description of Data Elements

CCSMSPn - Clinical Classification Software (CCS) for Mental Health and Substance Abuse - Detail
Documentation Sections:
General Notes
Uniform Values
State Specific Notes
General Notes

Mental Health Substance Abuse Clinical Classification Software (CCS-MHSA) assigns variables that identify mental health and substance abuse-related diagnoses in hospital discharge records using the ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes.

The four-digit CCS-MHSA categories included in CCSMSPn include additional detail. For example, the 3-digit category 654 for Developmental Disorders, is further divided into the following categories:

  • Communication Disorders (value 6541)
  • Developmental Disabilities (value 6542)
  • Intellectual Disabilities (value 6543)
  • Learning Disorders (value 6544)
  • Motor Skill Disorders (value 6545)

More information on the CCS-MHSA is available under Tools & Software on the HCUP-US website.

Uniform Values
VariableDescriptionValueValue Description
CCSMSPnClinical Classification Software (CCS) for Mental Health and Substance Abuse - DetailNnnnn4-digit specific category
0No mental health diagnosis
State Specific Notes



Internet Citation: HCUP Central Distributor SASD Description of Data Elements - All States. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). April 2008. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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