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Central Distributor SASD: Description of Data Elements

UNITn - Units of service
Documentation Sections:
General Notes
Uniform Values
State Specific Notes
General Notes

The unit of service (UNITn) is retained as provided by the data source. Negative values are set to invalid (.A). If supplied by the data source, fractional values of units of service (UNIT) are rounded, with any non-zero value less than 1 (0.01-0.99) rounded to 1.

Uniform Values
VariableDescriptionValueValue Description
UNITnUnits of servicennnnUnits of Service
State Specific Notes


Beginning in 2006, please see REVCHGn for detailed charge information. CHGn is no longer included in KY SID.

Detailed charges (CHGn) are associated with identified revenue centers (REVCDn) and units of service (UNITn). For example, CHG1 applies to the revenue center in REVCD1 and the units of service specified in UNIT1. Kentucky reports detailed charges (CHGn) associated with standard UB-92 revenue codes stored in REVCDn. Kentucky does not collapse or redefine ranges of revenue codes.

In addition, prior to data year 2005, information on total charges (revenue center 001) was removed from the detailed charge arrays. (CHGn, REVCDn, and UNITn). Information on total charges is available in the HCUP variables TOTCHG and TOTCHG_X.


Beginning in 2006, REVCHGn field includes information about detailed charges associated with the identified revenue centers (REVCDn) and the units of service (UNITn). CHGn is no longer included in the MD SASD files.

Beginning in July 2001, detailed charges (CHGn) are associated with the identified revenue centers (REVCDn) and the units of service (UNITn). For example, CHG1 applies to the revenue center in REVCD1 and the units of service specified in UNIT1.

From January 2001 to June 30, 2001, Maryland supplied eight specific charges without revenue codes or units. To be compatible with the revenue code specific charges and units provided starting in July 2001, units (UNITn) were set to missing (.) in the first half of the year.

New Jersey

Beginning in 2008, New Jersey provided units of service assocaited with specific revenue centers.

Units of services assocaited with unit categories were discontinued in 2008.

The unit categories from New Jersey are:

UNIT1 Medical-Surgical Days
UNIT2 Obstetric Days
UNIT3 Pediatric Days
UNIT4 Psychiatric Days
UNIT5 Burn Care Unit Days
UNIT6 Intensive Care Unit Days
UNIT7 Coronary Care Unit Days
UNIT8 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Days
UNIT9 Newborn Nursery Days
UNIT10 Emergency Room Visits
UNIT11 Clinic Visits
UNIT12 Home Health Visits
UNIT13 Anesthesiology Minutes Used
UNIT14 Cardiac Catheterization Procedures
UNIT15 Delivery and/or Gyn Procedures
UNIT16 Dialysis Treatments
UNIT17 Times Drugs or Pharmacy Used
UNIT18 Electrocardiograms
UNIT19 Laboratory Tests
UNIT20 Number of Medical Surgical Supplies
UNIT21 Number of EEGs and EMGs
UNIT22 Nuclear Medicine Procedures
UNIT23 Occupational Therapy Visits
UNIT24 Operating Room Procedures
UNIT25 Organ Transplants
UNIT26 Physical Therapy Visits
UNIT27 Psychiatric Hours (Spent with Patient)
UNIT28 Times Radiology Used
UNIT29 Respiratory Therapy Treatments
UNIT30 Speech Pathology Visits
UNIT31 Therapeutic Radiology Procedures
UNIT32 Same Day Surgery Visits
UNIT33 Excluded Revenue Codes
UNIT34 Non-Acute Ancillary Revenue Codes
UNIT35 Medicare, Part B, Non-Acute Codes


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