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Central Distributor SEDD: Description of Data Elements

MOMNUM_R - Mother's number (re-identified)
Documentation Sections:
General Notes
Uniform Values
State Specific Notes
General Notes

MOMNUM_R is specific to the mother of the baby in a particular hospital. MOMNUM_R does not allow linkage of persons across institutions.

Because of a change in the algorithm for creating person identifiers, mothers cannot be tracked from before 2003 to after 2003. In HCUP data prior to 2003, a synthetic mother's medical record number (MOMNUM_S), created using fixed-key encryption, was available. Starting in data year 2003, a reidentification number (MOMNUM_R) was used. MOMNUM_R includes an arbitrarily chosen, identifying number that is unique to the mother's medical record identifier provided to HCUP.

Uniform Values
VariableDescriptionValueValue Description
MOMNUM_RMother's number (re-identified)9(n)Mother's number
State Specific Notes

New Jersey

MOMNUM_R contains the synthetic medical record number of the mother on newborn discharges. The mother's record will contain her synthetic medical record number in the HCUP variable MRN_R.

In 2018 the source values changed; therefore, they are not consistent with data from 2014-2017.

Beginning in 2014 the source values changed; therefore, they are not consistent with data from previous years.

Prior to the 2010 data year, mothers' medical record numbers were encrypted using a specific encryption routine that is different from the routine used to encrypt medical record numbers. Because of the use of different encryption routines for these two fields, values in the MOMNUM_R field do not match the values in MRN_R field.


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