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Central Distributor SID: Description of Data Elements
This section describes how HCUP data elements are coded, restrictions on their use, their uniform values, and State-specific coding practices.
CHGn - Detailed charges
Documentation Sections:
General Notes
Uniform Values
State Specific Notes
General Notes

Detailed charges are submitted charges that pertain to a specified revenue center or group of revenue centers. Beginning in 2005, charges associated with specific revenue centers stored in REVCDn are retained in REVCHGn. Charges specific to a group of revenue centers are stored in CHGn. Prior to 2005, both types of detailed charges were stored in the HCUP data element CHGn.

Detailed charges (CHGn) are retained as provided by the data source, including cents and negative values. Zero charges are retained as a zero and are NOT set to missing (.). Charges greater than $9,999,999 are set to invalid (.A). No edit checks are performed on this data element during HCUP processing.

Uniform Values
VariableDescriptionValueValue Description
CHGnDetailed charges+/- 7(n).nnCharges
State Specific Notes


Beginning 2008, detailed charge categories for Arizona are:

CHGn Description UB-04 Revenue Codes
CHGn Description UB-04 Revenue Codes
CHG1 All Inclusive Room and Board 10x
CHG2 Room and Board, Private 11x
CHG3 Room and Board, Two Beds 12x
CHG4 Room and Board, 3-4 Beds 13x
CHG5 Private (Deluxe) 14x
CHG6 Room and Board, Ward 15x
CHG7 Room and Board, Other 16x
CHG8 Leave of Absence 18x
CHG9 Subacute Care 19x
CHG10 ICU 20x
CHG11 CCU 21x
CHG12 Special Charges 22x
CHG13 Incremental Nursing Charges 23x
CHG14 All Inclusive Ancillary 24x
CHG15 Pharmacy 25x
CHG16 IV Therapy 26x
CHG17 Medical/Surgical Supplies and Devices 27x
CHG18 Oncology 28x
CHG19 DME (Other than renal) 29x
CHG20 Laboratory 30x
CHG21 Laboratory Pathology 31x
CHG22 Radiology, Diagnostic 32x
CHG23 Radiology, Therapeutic 33x
CHG24 Nuclear Medicine 34x
CHG25 CT Scan 35x
CHG26 Operating Room 36x
CHG27 Anesthesia 37x
CHG28 Blood 38x
CHG29 Blood Storage/Processing 39x
CHG30 Other Imaging 40x
CHG31 Respiratory Services 41x
CHG32 Physical Therapy 42x
CHG33 Occupational Therapy 43x
CHG34 Speech Therapy 44x
CHG35 Emergency Room 45x
CHG36 Pulmonary Function 46x
CHG37 Audiology 47x
CHG38 Cardiology 48x
CHG39 Outpatient Services 50x
CHG40 Osteopathic Services 53x
CHG41 MRI 61x
CHG42 Medical Surgical Supplies (extension of27x) 62x
CHG43 Pharmacy (extension of 25x) 63x
CHG44 Trauma Response 68x
CHG45 Cast Room 70x
CHG46 Recovery Room 71x
CHG47 Labor/Delivery Room 72x
CHG49 EEG 74x
CHG50 Gastro Intestinal Services 75x
CHG51 Treatment/Observation Room 76x
CHG52 Preventive Care Services 77x
CHG53 Telemedicine 78x
CHG54 Extra-Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy 79x
CHG55 Inpatient Renal Dialysis 80x
CHG56 Organ Acquisition 81x
CHG57 Miscellaneous Dialysis 88x
CHG58 Behavioral Health Treatment/Services 90x
CHG59 Behavioral Health Treatment/Services (extension of 90x) 91x
CHG60 Other Diagnostic Services 92x
CHG61 Other Therapeutic Services 94x
CHG62 Other Therapeutic Services (extension of 94x) 95x
CHG63 Professional Fees 96x
CHG64 Professional Fees (extension of 96x) 97x
CHG65 Professional Fees (extension of 96x & 97x) 98x
CHG66 Patient Convenience Items 99x
CHG67 Alternative Therapy Services 210x
CHG68 All Other Categories (excluding 017x) 310x
CHG69 Nursery - General Classification 170
CHG70 Nursery - Newborn Level I 171
CHG71 Nursery - Newborn Level II 172
CHG72 Nursery - Newborn Level III 173
CHG73 Nursery - Newborn Level IV 174
CHG74 Nursery - Other 179

Beginning in 1995, the source reports detailed charges. Arizona uses the UB-92 revenue codes to group similar charges. For example, CHG8 "Nursery" includes all charges to the three-digit UB-92 revenue codes that begin with 17. This will include "Routine Newborn," revenue code 170, and "Neo-Natal ICU," revenue code 175. Although detailed charges are supplied by the data source, they are frequently not reported. The analyst should consider the frequency of non-missing values before using these data elements for analysis.

Due to an error in HCUP processing for 2003-2004, two detailed charges were not properly assigned. CHG38 (Osteopathic Services) and CHG39 (Ambulance) were read from an incorrect location. These charges should be excluded from analyses of 2003-2004 data. No other years were affected.

Detailed charge categories for Arizona through 2007 are:

CHGn Description UB-92 Revenue Codes
CHG1 All Inclusive Room and Board 10x
CHG2 Room and Board, Private 11x
CHG3 Room and Board, Two Beds 12x
CHG4 Room and Board, 3-4 Beds 13x
CHG5 Private (Deluxe) 14x
CHG6 Room and Board, Ward 15x
CHG7 Room and Board, Other 16x
CHG8 Nursery 17x
CHG9 ICU 20x
CHG10 CCU 21x
CHG11 Special Charges 22x
CHG12 Incremental Charges 23x
CHG13 All Inclusive Ancillary 24x
CHG14 Pharmacy 25x
CHG15 IV Therapy 26x
CHG16 Medical/Surgical Supplies 27x
CHG17 Oncology 28x
CHG18 DME (Other than renal) 29x
CHG19 Laboratory 30x
CHG20 Laboratory Pathology 31x
CHG21 Radiology, Diagnostic 32x
CHG22 Radiology, Therapeutic 33x
CHG23 Nuclear Medicine 34x
CHG24 CT Scan 35x
CHG25 Operating Room 36x
CHG26 Anesthesia 37x
CHG27 Blood 38x
CHG28 Blood Storage/Processing 39x
CHG29 Other Imaging 40x
CHG30 Respiratory Services 41x
CHG31 Physical Therapy 42x
CHG32 Occupational Therapy 43x
CHG33 Speech Therapy 44x
CHG34 Emergency Room 45x
CHG35 Pulmonary Function 46x
CHG36 Audiology 47x
CHG37 Cardiology 48x
CHG38 Osteopathic Services 53x
CHG39 Ambulance 54x
CHG40 Medical Social Services 56x
CHG41 MRI 61x
CHG42 Medical Surgical Supplies (extension of revenue codes 27x) 62x
CHG43 Drugs requiring specific ID 63x
CHG44 Cast Room 70x
CHG45 Recovery Room 71x
CHG46 Labor/Delivery Room 72x
CHG48 EEG 74x
CHG49 Gastro Intestinal Services 75x
CHG50 Treatment/Observation Room 76x
CHG51 Lithotripsy 79x
CHG52 Inpatient Renal Dialysis 80x
CHG53 Organ Acquisition 81x
CHG54 Miscellaneous Dialysis 88x
CHG55 Psychiatric Treatment 90x
CHG56 Psychiatric Services 91x
CHG57 Other Diagnostic Services 92x
CHG58 Other Therapeutic Services 94x
CHG59 Professional Fees 96x
CHG60 Professional Fees 97x
CHG61 Professional Fees 98x
CHG62 Patient Convenience Items 99x
CHG63 All Other Charges ---


The charge categories for Colorado are:

CHGn Description UB-92/UB-04 Revenue Codes
CHG1 Routine Charges 100-239
CHG2 Laboratory Charges 300-319
CHG3 Radiology Charges 320-359, 400-409, 610-619
CHG4 Pharmacy Charges 250-259, 260-269, 630-639
CHG5 All Other Charges ---

District of Columbia

District of Columbia provided revenue center charge (CHGn) for the following 10 categories:

CHGn Description
CHG1 Routine charge
CHG2 ICU charge
CHG3 Surgical charge
CHG4 Lab and blood charge
CHG5 Pharmacy charge
CHG6 Radiology charge
CHG7 Respiratory charge
CHG8 THerapy charge
CHG9 Supplies charge
CHG10 Other charge


Beginning in 2010, Florida supplied charge details by aggregated UB-04 revenue center categories.

Variable Category Aggregated UB-04 Revenue Centers
CHG1 Room and Board Charges 110-169
CHG2 Nursery Level I Charges 170-171
CHG3 Nursery Level II Charges 172
CHG4 Nursery Level III Charges 173
CHG5 Intensive Care Charges 200-209
CHG6 Coronary Care Charges 210-219
CHG7 Pharmacy Charges 250-259,630-639
CHG8 Medical and Surgical Supply Chrages 270-279,620-629
CHG9 Oncology Charges 280-289
CHG10 Laboratory Charges 300-319
CHG11 Radiology or Other Imaging Charges 320-359; 400-409; 610-619
CHG12 Operating Room Charges 360-369
CHG13 Anesthesia Charges 370-379
CHG14 Respiratory Services or Pulmonary Function Charges 410-419; 460-469
CHG15 Physical Therapy Charges 420-429
CHG16 Occupational Therapy Charges 430-439
CHG17 Speech Therapy or Language Pathology Charges 440-449
CHG18 Emergency Room Charges 450-459
CHG19 Cardiology Charges 480-489
CHG20 Trauma Response Charges 680-689
CHG21 Recovery Room Charges 710-719
CHG22 Labor Room Charges 720-729
CHG23 Treatment or Observation Room Charges 760-769
CHG24 Behavioral Health Charges 900-919; 1000-1009
CHG25 Other Charges* --
* Field does not include charges from 960-999 for professional fees and personal convenience items.

Beginning in 2006, Florida supplied charge details by aggregated UB-92 or UB-04 revenue center categories. The following are the revenue centers associated with each variable. The small x refers to all valid digits within the general category, e.g., revenue center 11x refers to 110-119.

Variable Category Aggregated UB-92 or UB-04 Revenue Centers
CHG1 Room Charges 11x-16x
CHG2 Nursery 170-172; 174-179
CHG3 Level III Nursery 173
CHG4 Intensive Care 20x
CHG5 Coronary Care 21x
CHG6 Pharmacy 25x; 63x
CHG7 Medical/Surgical Supplies & Devices 27x; 62x
CHG8 Oncology 28x
CHG9 Laboratory 30x-31x
CHG10 Radiology/Other Imaging 32x-35x; 40x; 61x
CHG11 Operating Room Service 36x
CHG12 Anesthesia 37x
CHG13 Respiratory Services 41x; 46x
CHG14 Physical/Occupational Therapy 42x-44x
CHG15 Emergency Room 45x
CHG16 Cardiology 48x
CHG17 Trauma Response 68x
CHG18 Recovery Room 71x
CHG19 Labor Room/Delivery 72x
CHG20 Treatment or Observation Room 76x
CHG21 Behavioral Health 90x-91x; 100x
CHG22 Other (not covered by preceding revenue code groups) Does not include 960-999 - professional fees and person convenience items

For 1992-2005, Florida supplied charge details by aggregated UB-82 revenue center categories. The following are the revenue centers associated with each variable. The small x refers to all valid digits within the general category, e.g., revenue center 11x refers to 110-119.

Variable Category Aggregated UB-92 or UB-04 Revenue Centers
CHG1 Room Charges 11x
CHG2 Nursery 17x
CHG3 Intensive Care 20x
CHG4 Coronary Care 21x
CHG5 Pharmacy 25x
CHG6 Medical/Surgical Supplies And Devices 27x
CHG7 Oncology 28x
CHG8 Laboratory 30x
CHG9 Laboratory Pathological 31x
CHG10 Radiology - Diagnostic 32x
CHG11 Radiology - Therapeutic 33x
CHG12 Nuclear Medicine 34x
CHG13 CT Scan 35x
CHG14 Operating Room Services 36x
CHG15 Anesthesia 37x
CHG16 Respiratory Services 41x
CHG17 Physical Therapy 42x
CHG18 Occupational Therapy 43x
CHG19 Emergency Room 45x
CHG20 Cardiology 48x
CHG21 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 61x
CHG22 Recovery Room 71x
CHG23 Labor Room/Delivery 72x
CHG24 Other Services not covered by the preceding revenue code groups


Beginning in 1993, Iowa includes professional fees (CHG1) in its total charges if the hospital combines hospital and professional bills. Professional fees are subtracted from total charges (TOTCHG and TOTCHG_X) during HCUP processing to make Iowa total charges comparable to data from other states. Beginning with 2003, Iowa no longer collects separate professional fees (CHG1).

From 1998 through 2007, Iowa provided 22 additional detailed charges for a total of 23 detailed charges. They are as follows:

HCUP Variable Revenue Centers UB-92 Codes
CHG1 Professional component charges (Valid through 2006) Not specified
CHG1 Ambulance Charges (Valid beginning 2007) 054x
CHG2 Room 10x-16x, 190-199, 230, 232, 235, 239
CHG3 Nursery 17x, 231
CHG4 ICU 20x, 21x, 233, 234
CHG5 Pharmacy 250-252, 254-259, 63x
CHG6 Medical/Surgical Supply 27x, 290-293, 299, 62x
CHG7 Laboratory 30x, 31x
CHG8 MRI and CAT Scans 35x, 61x
CHG9 Therapeutic Radiology 33x
CHG10 Other Imaging Services 32x, 40x
CHG11 Nuclear Medicine 34x
CHG12 Operating Room 36x
CHG13 Anesthesia 37x
CHG14 Respiratory Therapy 41x
CHG15 Physical Therapy/OT/Speech 42x, 43x, 44x
CHG16 Uncovered 253, 99x
CHG17 Professional Fees 96x, 97x, 98x
CHG18 Treatment or Observation Room 76x
CHG19 Ambulatory Surgical Care 49x
CHG20 Emergency Room 45x
CHG21 Recovery Room 71x
CHG22 Other ---
CHG23 Labor and Delivery 72x

New Jersey

Detailed charges associated with the groups of revenue centers were discontinued in 2008.

Beginning in 2008, New Jersey provided charges associated with specific revenue centers. These charges were stored in REVCHGn field.

The charge categories from New Jersey are:

CHGn Description UB-92 Revenue Codes
CHG1 Medical - Surgical Charges (MSA) 111, 116, 121, 126, 131, 136, 141, 146, 151, 156, 164, 167, 169, 224
CHG2 Obstetric Charges (OBS) 112, 122, 132, 142, 152, 232
CHG3 Pediatric Charges (PED) 113, 123, 133, 143, 153
CHG4 Psychiatric Charges (PSA) 114, 124, 134, 144, 154
CHG5 Burn Care Unit Charges (BCU) 207
CHG6 Intensive Care Unit Charges (ICU) 201-209, 233
CHG7 Coronary Care Unit Charges (CCU) 211-219, 234
CHG8 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Charges (NNI) 174
CHG9 Newborn Nursery Charges (NBN) 171-173, 179, 231
CHG10 Emergency Room Charges (EMR) 450-459, 500, 509, 540-549, 700, 709, 981
CHG11 Clinic Charges (CLN) 510-529, 770-771, 779, 962, 982-983
CHG12 Home Health Charges (HHA) 550-559, 570, 571-579, 580-589, 590, 599, 984
CHG13 Anesthesiology Charges (ANS) 370-379, 963-964
CHG14 Cardiac Catheterization Charges (CCA) 480-481, 489
CHG15 Delivery and/or Gyn Charges (DEL) 720-729
CHG16 Dialysis Charges (DIA) 634-635, 800-809, 880-882, 889
CHG17 Drug or Pharmacy Charges (DRU) 250-259, 631-637
CHG18 Electrocardiogram Charges(EKG) 482, 730-739, 985
CHG19 Laboratory Charges (LAB) 300-319, 380-399, 921, 923, 924, 925, 971
CHG20 Medical Surgical Supply Charges (MSS) 260-279, 290-293, 299, 621-624, 946, 947
CHG21 Neurology Charges (NEU) 740, 749, 922, 986
CHG22 Nuclear Medicine Charges (NMD) 340-349, 974
CHG23 Occupational Therapy Charges (OCC) 430-439, 941-949, 978
CHG24 Operating Room Charges (ORR) 360-369, 710, 719, 975
CHG25 Organ Acquisition Charges (ORG) 810-819
CHG26 Physical Therapy Charges (PHT) 420-429, 530-531, 539, 977
CHG27 Psychiatric Charges (PSY) 560-562, 569, 901-919, 961
CHG28 Radiology Charges (RAD) 320-329, 350-351, 359, 400-409, 483, 610-619, 750, 759, 790, 799, 972
CHG29 Respiratory Therapy Charges (RSP) 410, 412-413, 419, 460, 469, 976
CHG30 Speech Pathology Charges (SPA) 440-449, 471-472, 479, 979
CHG31 Therapeutic Radiology Charges (THR) 280, 289, 330-339, 973
CHG32 Same Day Surgery Charges (SDS) 490, 499, 769
CHG33 Excluded Charges (EXC) 115, 117-119, 125, 127-129, 135, 137-139, 145, 147-149, 155, 157-159, 182-185, 189, 221-223, 229, 235, 239, 254, 294, 543, 600-604, 640-652, 655-662, 670-672, 679, 760-762, 820-825, 829-835, 839-845, 849-855, 859, 900, 905-907, 920, 929, 940, 960, 969, 987-999
CHG34 Non-Acute Ancillary Charges (NAC) 191-199, 240-249
CHG35 Medicare, Part B, Non-Acute Charges (MNC) Not specified

Warning: In 1995, confusion over the mapping of Uniform Billing revenue codes to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit charges (CHG8) and newborn nursery charges (CHG9) caused some hospitals to erroneously place NICU charges (CHG8) under nursery charges (CHG9). This does not affect other years.

New Jersey includes professional fees in several charge categories because professional fees are aggregated within the revenue centers and the fees cannot be separated. There is no documentation available from the data source to determine where professional fees were included.


Starting in 2008, Oregon provided a separate file with revenue codes, revenue charges, and units. After further research, the detailed revenue charges appears to be reliable and will be used instead of the 10 charge buckets. For the 1995 - 2007 HCUP Oregon databases, ten detailed charge categories are available:

CHGn Description UB-92 Revenue Codes
CHG1 Ancillary charges 220-229, 232, 240-999, 1006-9999
CHG2 Room and board charges 100-219, 230-231, 233-239, 1000-1005
CHG3 Anesthesiology charges 370-379
CHG4Laboratory charges 300-319
CHG5 Labor and delivery charges 720-729
CHG6 Oncology charges 280-289, 330-339
CHG7 Operating room charges 360-369, 710-719
CHG8 Pharmacy charges 250-269, 630-639
CHG9 Radiology charges 320-329, 340-349, 350-359, 400-409, 610-619
CHG10 Other charges All other revenue codes

The ancillary charge (CHG1) is the sum of all charges except room and board charges (CHG3-CHG10).

Some hospitals reported detailed charges (CHG1-CHG10) but not total charges (TOTCHG and TOTCHG_X) on charity bills since there are no charges to the patient. Other hospitals did not submit data for the detailed charge categories (CHG1-CHG10), although total charges (TOTCHG and TOTCHG_X) were reported.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island provides 37 detail charges:

CHGn Revenue Codes Description
CHG1 011X - 018X (Excluding 0174) Inpatient room&board general
CHG2 020X - 021X, 0174 Inpatient room&board special
CHG3 036X, 071X, 072X Inpatient or/recovery room charges
CHG4 037X Inpatient anesthesia charges
CHG5 027X, 029X, 062X Inpatient supplies & equip charges
CHG6 030X, 031X Inpatient laboratory charges
CHG7 032X, 0341, 0343, 035X, 040X, 046X, 0470, 0471, 0479, 048X, 061X, 073X, 074X, 075X, 092X Inpatient diagnostic charges
CHG8 026X, 028X, 033X, 0340, 0342, 0344, 0349, 041X, 042X, 043X, 044X, 0472, 053X, 070X, 0760, 0761, 077X, 079X, 080X, 081X, 088X, 094X, 095X, 210X Inpatient therapy charges
CHG9 038X, 039X Inpatient blood charges
CHG10 025X, 063X Inpatient pharmacy charges
CHG11 050X, 054X, 096X, 097X, 098X (Excluding 0981) Inpatient other ancillary charges
CHG12 099X Inpatient patient conv item charges
CHG13 0981 ER professional fees
CHG14 045X ER charges
CHG15 0762 Observation charges
CHG16 90X, 91X Inpatient Behavioral charges
CHG17 036X, 071X, 072X Emergency dept or/recovery room charges
CHG18 037X Emergency dept anesthesia charges
CHG19 027X, 029X, 062X Emergency dept supplies & equip charges
CHG20 030X, 031X Emergency dept laboratory charges
CHG21 032X, 0341, 0343, 035X, 040X, 046X, 0470, 0471, 0479, 048X, 061X, 073X, 074X, 075X, 092X Emergency dept diagnostic charges
CHG22 026X, 028X, 033X, 0340, 0342, 0344, 0349, 041X, 042X, 043X, 044X, 0472, 053X, 070X, 0760, 0761, 077X, 079X, 080X, 081X, 088X, 094X, 095X, 210X Emergency dept therapy charges
CHG23 038X, 039X Emergency dept blood charges
CHG24 025X, 063X Emergency dept pharmacy charges
CHG25 050X, 054X, 096X, 097X, 098X (Excluding 0981) Emergency dept other ancillary charges
CHG26 099X Emergency dept patient conv item charges
CHG27 90X, 91X Emergency dept behavioral charges
CHG28 036X, 071X, 072X Observation stay or/recovery room charges
CHG29 037X Observation stay anesthesia charges
CHG30 027X, 029X, 062X Observation stay supplies & equip charges
CHG31 030X, 031X Observation stay laboratory charges
CHG32 032X, 0341, 0343, 035X, 040X, 046X, 0470, 0471, 0479, 048X, 061X, 073X, 074X, 075X, 092X Observation stay diagnostic charges
CHG33 026X, 028X, 033X, 0340, 0342, 0344, 0349, 041X, 042X, 043X, 044X, 0472, 053X, 070X, 0760, 0761, 077X, 079X, 080X, 081X, 088X, 094X, 095X, 210X Observation stay therapy charges
CHG34 038X, 039X Observation stay blood charges
CHG35 025X, 063X Observation stay pharmacy charges
CHG36 050X, 054X, 096X, 097X, 098X (Excluding 0981) Observation stay other ancillary charges
CHG37 099X Observation stay patient conv item charges

South Carolina

The number of detailed charges supplied by South Carolina changes across years.

  • Prior to 1995, South Carolina supplied 51 detailed charges and no charge for "Other Charges".
  • In 1995, South Carolina supplied 52 detailed charges. They created charge fields (CHG1-CHG51) that were comparable to previous years and added a new charge field (CHG52) labeled "Other Charges".

  • Starting in 1996, South Carolina supplied 78 detailed charges. Some charges are an addition to those previously supplied. For example, starting in 1996 there is a category for room and board charges from a Hospice. Other charges give more detail than previously supplied. For example, prior to 1996 there was one charge for ICU charges. Starting in 1996, there are 5 different ICU charges.

Starting in 1996, the detailed charge categories from South Carolina were:

CHGn Description UB-92 Revenue Codes
CHG1 Room and Board - All Inclusive Rate 100-101
CHG2 Room and Board - General medical charges 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 111-113, 121-123, 190-194, 199, 151-133, 131-143, 151-153
CHG3 Room and Board - Psych charges 114, 124, 134, 144, 154
CHG4 Room and Board - Hospice charges 115, 125, 135, 145, 155
CHG5 Room and Board - Detox charges 116, 126, 136, 146, 156
CHG6 Room and Board - Oncology charges 117, 127, 137, 147, 157
CHG7 Room and Board - Rehab charges 118, 128, 138, 148, 158
CHG8 Room and Board - Other charges 119, 129, 139, 149, 159, 160, 164, 180, 183, 167, 169, 181-182, 184-185, 189, 224
CHG9 Nursery - Levels I and Other charges 170, 723, 171, 179
CHG10 Nursery - Level II 172
CHG11 Nursery - Level III 173
CHG12 Nursery - Level IV 174
CHG13 ICU charges 200, 201, 202, 208, 209
CHG14 ICU - Pediatric charges 203
CHG15 ICU - Psych charges 204
CHG16 ICU - Intermediate ICU charges 206
CHG17 ICU - Burn Unit charges 207
CHG18 Coronary Care charges 210, 211, 212, 213, 219
CHG19 Coronary Care - Intermediate CCU charges 214
CHG20 Special charges 220-229
CHG21 Nursing acuity charges 230, 231-235, 239
CHG22 All Inclusive Ancillary 240-249
CHG23 Pharmacy charges 250, 253-256, 258, 634-636, 251, 252, 257, 259, 630-633, 637
CHG24 IV Therapy charges 260-264, 269, 640-649
CHG25 Supplies charges 270-279, 621-624
CHG26 Oncology charges 280, 289
CHG27 Equipment charges 290-299
CHG28 Laboratory charges 300-309, 310, 311, 312, 314, 319
CHG29 Radiology - Diagnostic charges 320, 321-324, 329
CHG30 Radiology - Therapeutic services charges 330, 333, 339
CHG31 Chemotherapy charges 331, 332, 335
CHG32 Linear Accelerator not specified
CHG33 Nuclear medicine charges 340-349
CHG34 CT scan charges 350-359
CHG35 Operating room charges 360-369
CHG36 Anesthesia charges 370-379
CHG37 Blood charges 380-389, 390-399, 999
CHG38 Other Imaging charges 404-403, 409
CHG39 PET Scan charges 404
CHG40 Respiratory therapy charges 410-413, 419
CHG41 Physical therapy charges 420-429
CHG42 Occupational therapy charges 430-439
CHG43 Speech and Audiology charges 440-449. 470-479
CHG44 Emergency room charges 450-459
CHG45 Pulmonary function charges 460-469
CHG46 Cardiology charges 480, 482-489
CHG47 Cath lab charges 481
CHG48 Ambulatory surgical care (ASC) charges 490-499
CHG49 Outpatient services - general charges 500, 509, 761
CHG50 Outpatient Clinic services charges 510-517, 519
CHG51 Outpatient Clinic - freestanding charges 520-523, 526, 529
CHG52 Other Inpatient services charges 530-539, 560-569, 700, 709, 780-789, 920-929
CHG53 Ambulance services charges 540-549
CHG54 Skilled Nursing charges 550-559
CHG55 Home Health Agency (HHA) charges 570-572, 579, 580-583, 589, 590, 599, 600-604, 609, 660-663, 669
CHG56 MRI charges 610-619
CHG57 Hospice charges 650-659
CHG58 Outpatient Special Resident charges 670-672, 679
CHG59 Recovery room charges 710-719
CHG60 Labor room/delivery charges 720-729
CHG61 EKG charges 730-739
CHG62 EEG charges 740-749
CHG63 Gastro Intestinal charges 750-759
CHG64 Observation Beds charges 760, 762, 769
CHG65 Preventative Care services charges 770, 779
CHG66 Vaccine Administration charges 771
CHG67 Lithotripsy charges 790-799
CHG68 Renal Dialysis - Inpatient charges 800-804, 809
CHG69 Organ acquisition charges 810-814, 819
CHG70 Dialysis Outpatient charges 820-825 829, 830-835, 839, 840-845, 849, 850-855, 859, 880-882, 889
CHG71 Psychiatric/Psychol services charges 900-907, 909-919
CHG72 Other Therapy Rehabilitation charges 940-942, 946-947, 949
CHG73 Cardiac rehabilitation charges 943
CHG74 Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation charges 944-945
CHG75 Professional fees - Providers and Other Specialists charges 960-964, 969
CHG76 Professional fees - Therapies and Lab charges 971-979
CHG77 Professional fees - Other and Outpatient services charges 981-989
CHG78 Patient Convenience charges 990-998

Prior to 1996, the detailed charge categories from South Carolina were:

CHGn Charge Category
CHG1 Room and Board - general medical charges
CHG2 Room and Board - psychology charges
CHG3 Room and Board - detoxification charges
CHG4 Room and Board - oncology charges
CHG5 Room and Board - rehabilitation charges
CHG6 Room and Board - other charges
CHG7 Nursery charges
CHG8 Premature nursery charges
CHG9 Neonatal ICU charges
CHG10 ICU charges
CHG11 CCU charges
CHG12 Nursing acuity charges
CHG13 Pharmacy charges
CHG14 Supplies charges
CHG15 Equipment charges
CHG16 Laboratory charges
CHG17 Radiology charges
CHG18 Chemotherapy charges
CHG19 Radiology-therapeutic services charges
CHG20 Nuclear medicine charges
CHG21 CT scan charges
CHG22 Operating room charges
CHG23 Anesthesia charges
CHG24 Blood charges
CHG25 PET scan charges
CHG26 Respiratory therapy charges
CHG27 Physical therapy charges
CHG28 Other therapy charges
CHG29 Emergency room charges
CHG30 Pulmonary function charges
CHG31 Cardiology charges
CHG32 Cardiac Catherization lab charges
CHG33 Ambulatory surgical services charges
CHG34 Ambulance services charges
CHG35 MRI charges
CHG36 Recovery room charges
CHG37 Labor room/delivery charges
CHG38 EKG charges
CHG39 EEG charges
CHG40 Observation charges
CHG41 Lithotripsy charges
CHG42 Inpatient renal dialysis charges
CHG43 Organ acquisition charges
CHG44 Miscellaneous dialysis charges
CHG45 Psychiatric/psychological treatment charges
CHG46 Cardiac rehabilitation charges
CHG47 Complex medical equipment charges
CHG48 Professional fees
CHG49 Other inpatient charges
CHG50 Other outpatient charges
CHG51 Invalid revenue code charges
CHG52 Other charges (valid beginning in 1995)

South Dakota

Professional fees are subtracted from total charges (TOTCHG and TOTCHG_X) during HCUP processing to make South Dakota total charges comparable to data from other states. Beginning with 2003, South Dakota no longer reports a separate "professional component of charges" (CHG23).

South Dakota provides 23 detail charges:

CHGn Description UB-92 Revenue Codes
CHG1 Room 10x-16x, 190-199, 230, 232, 235, 239
CHG2 Nursery 17x, 231
CHG3 Intensive Care Unit 20x, 21x, 233, 234
CHG4 Pharmacy 250-252, 254-259, 63x
CHG5 Medical/Surgical Supplies 27x, 290-0293, 299, 62x
CHG6 Laboratory 30x, 31x
CHG7 MRI and CAT Scans 35x, 61x
CHG8 Therapeutic Radiology 33x
CHG9 Other imaging services 32x, 40x
CHG10 Nuclear Medicine 34x
CHG11 Operating Room 36x
CHG12 Anesthesia 37x
CHG13 Respiratory Therapy 41x
CHG14 Physical Therapy/OT/Speech 42x, 43x, 44x
CHG15 Uncovered 253, 99x
CHG16 Professional Fees 96x, 97x, 98x
CHG17 Treatment or Observation Room 76x
CHG18 Ambulatory Surgical Care 49x
CHG19 Emergency Room 45x
CHG20 Recovery Room 71x
CHG21 Labor/Delivery Room 72x
CHG22 Other All Others
CHG23 Professional component charges (Valid through 2002) Not applicable
CHG23 Ambulance Charges (Valid beginning 2007) 054x


The charge categories for Utah are:

CHGn Description UB-92 Revenue Codes
CHG1 Facility charges 10x-94x
CHG2 Professional charges 95x-98x
CHG3 Emergency department charges 45x
CHG3 Patient Convenience Items Charge 99x


Detailed charges (CHGn) are associated with the identified revenue centers (REVCDn) and the units of service (UNITn). For example, CHG1 applies to the revenue center in REVCD1 and the units of service specified in UNIT1.

Units are not required for all revenue sources; the units field may be coded as missing (.) or zero.

For 2000-2004, if total charges are identified in the detail charges (REVCDn = "001"), the corresponding detail charge, unit, and revenue code are set to missing. Beginning with 2005, total charges are kept in the detailed charges.


Internet Citation: HCUP Central Distributor SID Description of Data Elements - All States. Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). August 2008. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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